Late Night Snacker

Hiii all! So I’ve been pretty sick this past week (which hasn’t happened in 3 years). So this weekend I was not in the mood to go out and contaminate anyone else. But since it’s the holiday season I was lucky enough to catch the Christmas movies on ABC family. Luckily I always have healthy snacks on hand to just veg out! Ha – ok enough with being corny – but seriously. Late night snacking is a big downfall of someone’s daily calorie consumption.

Like I had said movies were on my agenda. Well, what goes better with a movie than popcorn and some sort of hot drink (it was 14 degrees last night)? Popcorn is a great source of fiber and an overall great snack. That being said are you eating a whole big bag or individual serving bag? Splurges every now and then are acceptable but let’s not make this a nightly habit! I had bought individual bags of popcorn in the beginning of this semester and in hopes of cutting out processed foods little by little I finally got rid of them a few weeks back. So I just buy the unpopped kernels now. This recipe is just $0.10 a serving – so healthy and budget friendly! (SIDENOTE: This is a very common misconception of “healthy” food which I will tackle in a later post!) There are many variations to seasoning your popcorn if you don’t like it plain: here is a link I found that gave 25 variations:


Ingredients: 3 tbsp kernels, 1 tsp oil, pinch of salt, paper bag Directions: coat kernels in oil, pour in paper bag, fold bag over twice, press the popcorn setting and listen to when the time between pops slows as to not burn it, pour into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and enjoy!

Ok we can’t forget about the drink! There are so many beverages out there which can pack a lot of varies that you might not be aware of: start looking at labels (this will also be tackled in a later post)! In attempts to get my diet a little less processed, I make my own hot chocolate mix. I won’t lie: the taste is not as satisfying as the pre-packaged mix that I normally buy from Swiss-Miss but it is still very good and curbs that chocolate craving. The drink of choice though last night was a knock-off version of Starbucks carmel apple spice!


Ingredients: 1 ¼ cups water, ¾ soy milk, 1 ½ tbsp. Hershey cocoa, 3 ½ tbsp. chocolate whey protein powder, 1 Splenda packet Directions: Add water and soy milk together and heat for a minute and a half, add all dry ingredients and mix throughouly


Ingredients: 1 cup apple juice, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp Starbucks cinnamon dolce syrup Directions: add everything together, stir, heat for a minute and forty seconds

Something to think about – are you hungry or thirsty? This is a problem I have so I attempt to drink 2 glasses (16 oz) of water before I eat something. Another common problem I commonly see is people are staying up to late. Try going to bed earlier, choosing healthier snacks in the late hour, or sip on tea or help you fall asleep. If you do decide to eat a snack sit down and focus on it (portion out the item, notice all the flavors, the mouth feel, how it satisfies you, talk with the people around you – try and avoid mindlessly eating in front of the computer or TV screen). A couple other late night snack ideas: cheese and crackers, a buttered tortilla, a handful of chocolate covered almonds, yogurt, yogurt cubes (freeze your favorite yogurt in ice cube trays), frozen grapes, tea, and water.

So as promised here is the weekly meal prep for this upcoming week:


Greek yogurt, clementines, cheese sticks, cucumbers, turkey sausage medley, chocolate chip scones, chicken spinach pesto pasta, broccoli, roasted red pepper hummus, turkey rolls, cocoa covered almonds

Chocolate chip scones recipe:

Roasted red pepper hummus recipe:

Pasta recipe: Ingredients: 3 cups of pasta, 1 4oz jar pesto, 1 lb fresh spinach, 3 5oz chichen, Italian dressing to coat breasts; Directions: marinate chicken with Italian dressing at bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 35 minutes, boil pasta till al dente, steam spinach till wilted, once chicken is done shred, mix all ingredients together and serve!

Just remember you are eating for the health of it. Let me know your comments and suggestions. I would love to see your meal preps as well – tag me on twitter (@TaylorM013) or Instagram (TaylorM013)

In health,



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