Fluid, Fluid, Fluid

ImageHiiiii all! After going to a fluid session at FNCE I became very inspired to look into the research and general information that is out there on Google. Fluids are absolutely wonderful for you and your body. BUT do you really understand ALL of the great benefits? ….yeah me neither. So with being in this internship, field, and doing the research for you (you’re welcome) I have gained a better knowledge base.

The fact is that about 60% of the human body is made up of water. Water makes everything in the body work. Enzymes, proteins, DNA, and RNA cannot function without water. Daily fluid needs in adults can vary from 2-20 liters per day with persons depending on a multitude of factors. The most current recommendation set forth is 2.7-3.7 liters per day.

The benefits of water are varied across the board as far as research. So a few of the most consecutive findings are: aids in weight loss (helps rev your metabolism and delay stomach emptying), more energy, keeping hydrated, helps combat fatigue, aids in mental performance, become more regular with bowel movements, brighter skin, reduces kidney stones, and so much more!

Ways to increase your fluid consumption: Bring a water bottle with you to work, on your water bottle mark hourly times with how much you should have consumed by that time (fun fact: permanent marker comes off with dry erase markers so you won’t ruin your bottle if it’s not already marked), invest in a couple different BPA free water bottles (mix and match them with your coffee mug), have fun with additives (mio by gatorade, crystal light packets, fresh or frozen fruit, herbs, add a splash of your favorite 100% fruit juice),  eat more fruits and vegetables (yes these contain water too!), and I could rattle on for days. Have a soda problem where you feel you just CAN’T give it up? Try switching to carbonated water.Image

But be weary! Not all fluids are created equal. Obviously soda and apple juice are not the same as water. So let’s look at a few things you may be drinking and not even thinking have added calories which could be contributing to those few pounds you are looking to lose:

Sodas: is it diet or regular (what’s on the ingredient list?)

Coffee: do you drink it black or do you add sugar/alternative sweetners and creamer?

Tea: what’s on the ingredient list, and how are you sweetening it?

Juices: are they 100% juice or juice cocktail? You could do half juice and half water if you are focused on filling your cup.

Sports drinks: are you using them after a workout or just sitting at your desk?

Energy drinks: not a huge fan of these. Why are you drinking them anyways? JUST STOP!

So the message from this list is to really look at what you are putting in your body pertaining to fluids. And the absolute bottom line is to make healthful choices for you and your body to meet your nutritional needs/goals, and preferences.

Your daily challenge: Track how much fluid you are drinking on your smart phone either with the notepad or free apps like “Waterlogged – Drink More Water” or finding one that suits your liking.






SOOOOO? How’d y’all like this post? Different right?! I know – more research based and fit the style of how I’m geared to do right now. Like it, not like it? Let me know your thoughts!

In health,



let me know your thoughts!

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