ImageToday marks day one of #30DaysofGreatness. This idea was generated this past Tuesday and has exploded on social media. As stated on the WSN website “The #30DaysOfGreatness challenge will consist of at LEAST 30 minutes of cardio or weight lifting EVERY DAY for 30 days. Welcome to the #Dirty30 baby.” What it comes down to is that you must do 30 minutes of activity a day be it crossfit, yoga, Zumba, a gym sesh, any form of exercise. The notecard above was my workout today and let me tell you – I’m not one to willingly hop on a treadmill but this challenge is where I’ve decided to start up again. Sometimes the hardest part of a workout is just getting there. Once you are there – plug in your headphones, turn on your watch/heart rate monitor/or phone stopwatch, hit play on your Pandora and get to it. This is a challenge that has been broadcasted to help you become better. We as health and fitness professionals give you the tools, but it’s up to you to build your temple.

There are many different ways to look at social media. In this case, by using the hashtag and committing to the challenge you are now in the public eye building up every other person up who is completing the challenge with you. One of Taylor’s main goals is to build up a community of people who are focused on their well-being and who strive to make themselves better every day. You have the power to influence with posting – so post positive.

ImageIn the grand scheme of things 30 days really isn’t that long. Research gives us a ton on numbers on how many days it takes to build a habit with the most popular ranging from 20-42 days. “Challenge yourself to set a goal and stick to it. Hold yourself to that higher standard. Challenge yourself to get 1% better every day. Even more so, challenge yourself to FINISH.” I truly believe in “rest days” but I consider a 30 minute walk on the treadmill reading, walking the dog, or walking with a friend to be just that – so JUST MOVE for 30 minutes on that “rest day”. You still have time to get in your first workout to be included in that challenge and all you have to do is tweet at her (@taylorho6) and add the hashtag to a picture of your workout!

Some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Follow a few fitness related instagramers, pinners or tweeters for workout ideas
  2. Write down the time at when you are able to get in that 30 minute workout
  3. Keep hydrated
  4. Get a friend to do this challenge with you
  5. Look up the hashtag on facebook, Instagram, or twitter for motivation and ideas
  6. Eat a balanced diet
  7. Reach out on social media to some of the people who are doing the challenge for support
  8. If none of these work for you – there are tons of giveaways, a google hangout on day 15 with some pretty important people, and a free shirt at the end.

Bottom line: GET UP AND MOVE.

Direct all questions to Taylor Hoagland (@taylorho6) or myself (@taylorm013) on Twitter

Don’t think I forgot…………………………………………………MEAL PREP SUNDAY!


oranges, cheese sticks, carrots, on-the-go trail mix, emerald energy knock-off shake, Whey of Life orange dreamsicle**, tuna blackbean crockpot bag**, spicy vegetable medley with quinoa and baked tilapia**, ranch hummus, roasted balsamic brussels sprouts, egg mcmuffin, bagels with cream cheese

( ** – Recipes are still in testing)

See the most recent recipes posted below today’s blog or check them out in the updated recipe tab!

In heath,



let me know your thoughts!

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