How-To Build a Better Basket

Hey everyone! Wanna build a better basket like ours?!

Thanks to @sam_lorton 038 (3) Thanks to @sara_mckinney

Thanks to @sam_lortron and @sara_mckinney for their awesome baskets! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit! Things have been super hectic with school and all! But no worries – I am back and can’t wait to help you BUILD A BETTER BASKET! So if you haven’t had the pleasure of going to the grocery store with me I will give you the low down: I’m THAT person. I am one to stand in the middle of the aisle and compare multiple nutrition labels. For me personally it comes down to one thing: am I putting food into my body that will produce the results I want to see. At times (cough cough special occasions) I indulge like the vast majority of people do – why? Well, frankly because I can and what’s life without a little stomach pain. So that being said you will typically see a bag of pretzel M&Ms in my grocery cart once…….or twice a month. Now – back to business! My number one tip for building a better basket: shop the perimeter. It really doesn’t get much more simplistic than that – but let’s face it some of our favorite items that we claim we can’t live without are on those aisles shelves. So I’ve compiled just a few pictures on mine and Whitney Stream’s most recent shopping date to get you to start thinking:

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Chips! So there are healthier options: the top two things I look at here are the ingredients and serving size. The lighter and healthier option: real veggies to dip and scoop!

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What I look at when judging cereals: the ingredients, serving size, amount of fiber, amount of whole grain, sugar content. The more nutrient dense option: overnight steel cut oats or make your own cereal with mixed fruit, granola and milk.

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Tips here: go for the darker color (this is an indicator of more nutrients). Yes it’s in a bag but you get the point. A few other great leafs to sub into your salad: kale, collard greens, romaine lettuce and arugala.

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Ahhhhh butter. The biggest thing here is to look at the ingredient list (no seriously that’s my challenge to you – go read these labels). If you’re going to use it, why not enjoy the deliciousness of the real thing?

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This is more of a healthful tip: why use regular bread when you have the same concept with fewer calories? Now – if you’re trying to put on weight ignore this little tid-bit.

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The tip here: go for the label that says 100% juice. If you want more volume to your drink than the serving size of 4 oz then cut it with water and bam! Also pay attention to the ingredients (why but artificial/natural flavors to a fruit drink – shouldn’t it be the concentrate and water?)

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Ok in my opinion: if you’re drinking diet you’re already doing yourself a world of good for subbing it for the real deal. Now if you care to take that next step to wean yourself off it try carbonated water!

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50% of your grains should be whole.What else do you wanna know? A product that I was just informed of by one of my patients with diabetes is a maker called Dreamfields…it has a little more fiber and protein than your run of the mill whole grain pasta which will help keep you fuller longer!

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The take-home message here: eat real, whole foods. I’m all about having a few quick items on hand but try to not make it a habit. Speaking of quick items (if you can take a few minutes out of your day you can make a delicious granola bar or trail mix and have it in a ready to go plastic bag! – NO EXCUSES!)

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I look at: calories, protein, and ingredients. Yes my current favorite yogurt brand has a sugar additive however it satisfies my taste buds since the others don’t.

So remember to listen to what your body is telling you and eat for the health of it!

In health,



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