A lifetime of #30DaysOfGreatness

ImageSo as most of you have witnessed from my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts is that I embraced a 30 day challenge created by Taylor Hoagland (@taylorho6) to create not only a healthy lifestyle but also a community of warriors that post positively. The criteria: one must do 30 minutes of any kind of exercise and post about it every day for 30 days. Research says it takes between 20-42 days to build a habit and that is what the #warriorclub has come to find. On our last Google hangout hosted by WSN we had so many requests for Taylor to extend the challenge to 60 days or to host another soon. Guess research inconclusively proves right this time. So now that you have this habit, I advise you to continue to reap the benefits that come with this lifestyle change warriors! Make this a great lifetime experience. If you did not participate in this challenge, what are you doing for your health? What are you doing to better yourself? What’s your next step? “Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life – tip toe if you must, but take the step.” – Gemma Stone

ImageWhy I started? I’m very tuned in to my health and well-being already so I workout 5-6 times a week but was looking for something new, a challenge you could say. Taylor actually asked me to be on the panel and speak about nutrition so with my knowledge and passion I didn’t have to give it a second thought. Also important to note: I truly believe that you cannot reap the full benefits of nutrition without working out and vise versa.

Why I continued? The people. I wanted to continue to build a report with my fellow warriors who were asking me questions and getting inspired to make little changes in their diets that they will reap the benefits from soon enough.

Why I finished? To prove to myself that I am the only one who brings me to new heights or holds me back (in relation to physique and food intake).

ImageWhat I learned about myself? That I can run on a treadmill! This triumph might sound a little lame but after 2 knee surgeries and currently a torn meniscus my physical therapists said no more running and for a while I took their word for it. But after 4 years and (more recently) lots of regained leg strength I am able to run a 7.5 minute mile – a new personal best for me. I also learned that I am waaaayyyy more competitive than I thought.

What does greatness mean to me? I believe greatness is taking your God given talents and pushing boundaries to raise the standards with intense commitment to not only become something you want to be but in trying to help somebody – because greatness is for all of us to achieve every day.



What’s next? So, my next challenge: The FitFluential 100 miles in March. Also I will be in full swing supporting National Nutrition Month (which should happen every day in my opinion but I digress). So who’s joining me? If you want to know more, check out Eat Right or the hashtags: #NationalNutritionMonth #NNM #eatright and a few others that have yet to start trending on social media outlets. I personally will be posting everyday about workouts, nutrition, and health so make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter at @TaylorM013 for some great posts. With all this being said, health is a relationship that you have between your and your body so do what feels right and eat for the health of it.

In health,

Taylor M


let me know your thoughts!

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