Spring Cleaning

ImageSo not only is March National Nutrition Month, but it encompasses the first day of spring. So I was a few days late with my spring “celebration” but it still happened. I not only cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, but also the pantry (and painted my nails purple – so excited for the spring nail colors to come back in season!!). Now as a future dietitian I will advocate that all foods fit in a healthful diet, but I would like for my diet to become more “Suzy-homemaker” and less pre-packaged.

Choose Less processed

Instead of that can of green beans, corn, spinach, pineapple, peaches, etc try selecting those same products from the fresh or frozen section. In the processes of canning there are a number of added ingredients. There are also added ingredients within some of the frozen products so turn the package around and look at the ingredient label. I was ask if I would fully eliminate these from my diet – and the answer is no because I truly enjoy some of my semi-homemade and lazy crockpot meals on the occasion.

ImageDetox Water

Bahahahaha – gotcha. I’m not a fan of this term but hey if it gets you to drink more water I’m all for it. I really do love flavoring my water and here is my favorite site (or here). Or if you want to feel fancy and not get too much of the fruit flavor make fruit ice cubes!

Out with the old and in with the new

Pay attention to expiration dates, not only with bottles, cans and packages but also supplements and medications. Also keep in mind how long you’ve had your leftovers (or things in the freezer because some items do only last around 7 months).

Add color

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year: the sun is shining, walks in 70 degree weather, yoga in the park, farmers markets start back up and the seasonal fruits and vegetables. So many fresh fruits and vegetables start sprouting so indulge in the good stuff and really enjoy those fresh flavors (blueberries and strawberries are about to start here so expect some shake recipes soon!!)

Remember to check out these hashtags on social media for some inspiration: #NationalNutritionMonth #NNM #eatright #fitfluential #fitfuel #fitfam #fitspro

So: eat mindful, listen to your body and eat for the health of it.

In health,



let me know your thoughts!

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