Holy Guacamole! She wrote a blog post!

intern graduation 3Hey friends!

So sorry that it’s been a while since my last blog post! Ya know, life just happens :/ but in the past few months I’ve received so many kind emails, tweets, and texts from friends and readers expressing how much they enjoyed and miss this, so to all you lovely people out there, thank you for your love and encouragement! I’m baaaaacccckkkkk 🙂

073 (5)

Here’s what’s been happening in my life since my last post:

  • Internship was hectic (that’s an understatement), but that’s finally finished!
    Studying for the RD exam was tedious, but now I’m a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist – yay me!033 (10)
  • Writing my master’s thesis manuscript and gearing up for my oral defense presentation has tested my patiences, but now I am defended and on my final edits – thank the lord!
  • Taking a family vaycay!!
  • Moving back to Texas!!

103So what am I up to now you may be ask? On the job hunt (prayers appreciated), finding a church home, still on my manuscript grind, working out, networking, being a girlfriend (no more long distance after 5 years!!!), walking my dog, oh and getting this blog back up and ready for you!

Some things to look forward to in the next few posts:
• My summer Pinterest challenge
• Recipes
• Workouts
• Seasonal posts (ahhhh it’s finally fall! the state fair is soon! football season is in full swing #WPS! halloween, thanksgiving, my birthday, christmas…you get the jist)
• Life’s adventures
If you are wanting something specific, you just let me know in the comment section below!

In health,
Taylor M


let me know your thoughts!

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