My Summer Pinterest Challenge

 I LOVE PINTEREST – there is no doubt about that. So this post is probably a little more geared to the Pinteresting fools out there.

The options are endless from finding DIY projects, planning baby showers/bachelorette showers, learning to build your wardrobe, different places you want to go/see, how you want to feng shui your home, and my personal favorite…oooooogling over food, but maybe more appropriate food photography. One of my favorite quotes comes from Regan Jones, “anybody can make cake look good, but the challenge is to make brussels sprouts look sexy”. This is so true! Finding new and exciting healthy recipes can be challenging when made with an ingredient or flavor pallet we aren’t familiar with, but that’s part of the fun and can probably help you out of your same ‘ole routine habits!316

038 (11)How many times do you see a recipe on Pinterest, print it out, make it, and it completely fail? Well I’m thinking some recipes haven’t been tested time and time again like some bloggers dedicate their careers to like on Healthy Aperture, or Food Network, or one of my personal favorites Cooking Matters. Well I challenged myself this summer to take those pictures I have been pinning and pinning and pinning for ages and test them (why waste your time on Pinterest if you aren’t putting it’s ideas into action). I tried 40 new recipes for different meals and snacks this summer/early fall and only 12 of them turned out with a thumbs up. I didn’t take pictures of everything, I didn’t instagram all of my failed attempts, I didn’t even care to remember the names, but I did go through my Pinterest boards and update them by writing “success” in the comment section or deleting the picture if it wasn’t successful.

My top 3 favorites from my Pinterest board you may ask? In no order because I love all food and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of me…The Creamy Chicken and Asparagus Pasta from Cooking Classy, Knock-Off PF Change Chicken Lettuce Wraps from Damn Delicious, and Chocolate Chia Orange Pudding from The Iron You!034 (10)

002 (23)The take home message: attempt 1 new recipe a week from your board, it’ll be something your friends and family can talk about. Who knows, you might even hit gold with one and it becomes a new staple!

Any recipes you are interested in me testing from your board? Send ’em my way!

In health,



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