Candy, Cookies & Pies OH MY!

009 (27)Is your sweet tooth still raging from all that Halloween candy? Well guys as you all know this is a challenging time of year especially with those parties, events and sometimes the main culprit: sweets. It’s the season of sweets and treats ranging from candy, cookies, pies, and even sugar topped or coated veggies. So how can one aid in only gaining a few pounds or even prevent weight gain? Here are some tips:

  • Stay on your workout regimen (if you aren’t on one, start one, or at least start walking!)
  • Drink water or tea before your meals
  • Eat on smaller plates
  • Wait 15 minutes before going back to get seconds
  • Make half your plate veggies
  • Indulge in conversation and activity
  • Choose a candy that has a non-solid center (instead of normal M&M’s try the pretzel M&M’s (calories: 240 v 150;fat: 10 v 4.5;carbs: 34 v 24;sugar: 30 v 17 – respectively….see what I mean? Pay attention to labels!)
  • Pay attention to your drink choices. If you’re choosing sugar-sweetened beverages, alcohol, etc, alternate with water.078 (6)

Keepin’ it short and sweet on this one guys! Since it’s the holidays, I’ll be recipe testing a lot and posting my favs to keep your stomach happy this holiday season!

In health,

Taylor M


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