Candy, Cookies & Pies OH MY!

Is your sweet tooth still raging from all that Halloween candy? Well guys as you all know this is a challenging time of year especially with those parties, events and sometimes the main culprit: sweets. It's the season of sweets and treats ranging from candy, cookies, pies, and even sugar topped or coated veggies. So … Continue reading Candy, Cookies & Pies OH MY!


Fried Foods & Ferris Wheels

GUYS, I LOVE THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS! Why might you ask? Because of all the fried foods! NNNOOOOOOOMMMMMM! Yup, that's right I said it. The famous Fletcher's corndog, deep fried breakfast for dinner, deep fried Texas bluebonnet, fried sweet Texas, deep fried milk and cookies on a stick, and funnel cake ale were all … Continue reading Fried Foods & Ferris Wheels