About Me

The current skinny:

104 (2)My name is Taylor and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in Dallas, Texas. I attended the University of Arkansas for my undergraduate degree and received my masters degree in pediatric nutrition from Saint Louis University.

Me in a Nutshell:

001 (3)I am a child of God, daughter, oldest sister of 3, and fiance to John. I am a social media lover! I am a blogger, yogi, scientist in the kitchen, wanna-be event planner, fitness fanatic (currently personal trainer in training), crafty holiday decorator, craft beer, wine and tea drinker, and lover of full fat butter. Three things I couldn’t live without: my family/friends, food processor, and iPhone.002 (4) 

In the cooking department, I have an appetite for almost anything. I guess it goes back to my childhood when my parents made us eat everything – good thing my mom is a great cook and my inspiration for a lot more than just that. I love to try different lifestyle diets, trendy health initiatives, think substitutions can fit in any product I make, and yet still follow the strict rules of baking. I have 28 sweet teeth, and especially love dark chocolate candied orange slices. I try to cook things that are practical, budget friendly, local/seasonal/sustainable, interesting, and delicious. One thing that I constantly preach is that health is a relationship that you have between you and your body.

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